Combines & Pro Club Tryouts

Dreaming of playing professional football?
GPSE Combines & Pro Club Tryouts provide the perfect platform to showcase your talent in front of professional scouts and college coaches. Compete against top athletes, receive expert evaluation, and gain valuable exposure to take your game to the next level.

What is a GPSE Combine?

A GPSE Combine is a one-day event designed to evaluate the skills and potential of aspiring footballers. Athletes participate in drills, scrimmages, and fitness tests designed to showcase their technical abilities, tactical awareness, athleticism, and overall game sense.

Benefits of Attending a GPSE Combine:

  • Gain exposure to professional scouts and college coaches: Get noticed by representatives from professional clubs, colleges, and academies seeking talented players.
  • Compete against top athletes: Challenge yourself against other aspiring footballers and elevate your game through high-level competition.
  • Receive expert evaluation: Benefit from personalized feedback from experienced coaches who can identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Learn valuable insights: Gain knowledge about the professional football landscape and learn how to best position yourself for success.


Who Should Attend?

GPSE Combines are ideal for talented footballers (ages [age range]) who are serious about pursuing a professional or collegiate playing career. Whether you’re a high school standout or a seasoned club player, our combines offer a valuable opportunity to gain exposure and impress potential opportunities.

What to Expect:

A typical GPSE Combine will include:

  • Dynamic warm-up: Prepare your body for action with a dynamic warm-up session led by our experienced coaches.
  • Technical skills evaluation: Showcase your ball control, passing, shooting, and dribbling abilities through targeted drills.
  • Tactical awareness drills: Demonstrate your understanding of game situations and tactical principles.
  • Small-sided games: Compete in competitive scrimmages to showcase your teamwork, decision-making, and overall game performance.
  • Fitness testing: Measure your speed, agility, endurance, and explosiveness through standardized fitness tests.


How to Get Started:

  • Visit our website: Browse upcoming Combines and Pro Club Tryout dates and locations to find an event near you.
  • Register online: Secure your spot by registering online for the Combine or Tryout you wish to attend.
  • Prepare for success: Review the event details, come prepared with proper training gear, and demonstrate your dedication and passion for the game.


Pro Club Tryouts

In addition to Combines, GPSE also facilitates Pro Club Tryouts, offering players the chance to directly train and be evaluated by professional club coaches. These exclusive events provide a unique opportunity to showcase your skills in a professional club environment.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your football career!

Attend a GPSE Combine or Pro Club Tryout and take the first step towards your professional football dreams.