Jason Miller

Business Development Manager

Jason Miller, Founder of Colorbull Agency and Sales Director of Global Pro Soccer Exposure candid photo in Athens Greece.
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Jason Miller: Building Futures in the Beautiful Game

A seasoned leader with a passion for sportsmanship, Jason Miller leverages his diverse background to empower aspiring soccer players. As Business Development Manager at Global Pro Soccer Exposure, Jason combines his entrepreneurial spirit with a dedication to helping athletes achieve their professional dreams.

Prior to joining GPSE, Jason honed his business acumen through ownership and management roles in various industries. Currently he owns and manages Colorbull Agency, and Jet Stream Journeys This experience, coupled with his unwavering work ethic honed during his service in the Marines, allows him to strategically connect talented players with the resources they need to succeed.

Jason’s commitment to growth extends beyond the soccer field. He thrives on continuous learning and embraces the global perspective gained through his extensive travels. This broad viewpoint fuels his ability to develop innovative solutions and build strong partnerships within the ever-evolving world of professional soccer.

When he’s not championing athletes, you might find Jason:

  • Immersing himself in new cultures through travel adventures.
  • Expanding his knowledge base by learning new skills.
  • Fueling his entrepreneurial spirit by developing new business opportunities.

Jason’s dedication and passion for the sport make him a valuable asset to the GPSE team, ensuring aspiring players have the support and guidance needed to reach their full potential on the global stage.

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