Partnership Opportunities

Looking to elevate your coaching impact, enhance player development, and generate additional revenue for your club?
GPSE Partnership Opportunities offer a win-win solution! Partner with us and gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources and programs designed to empower both coaches and players, while creating new income streams for your club.

Benefits of a GPSE Partnership

  • Elevate Coaching Expertise: Our Coach Development Programs equip your coaches with the latest training techniques, strategies, and access to the “Rush Way” philosophy, fostering a positive and impactful coaching environment.
  • Enhanced Player Development: Offer your players access to GPSE’s world-class programs like Summer Camps, European Tournaments, and Academy options, providing them with unique training experiences and opportunities for growth.
  • Increased Club Visibility: Gain exposure through GPSE marketing channels, attracting new players and families to your club through our established reputation for excellence.
  • Revenue Generation: Earn commission on players who register for GPSE programs through your club, creating a sustainable income stream to support your organization’s goals.
  • Exclusive Resources: Benefit from co-branded marketing materials, GPSE merchandise opportunities, and priority access to GPSE events and camps.


Partnership Tiers

GPSE offers flexible partnership tiers to cater to your club’s specific needs:

  • Basic Partner: Receive access to GPSE program information and marketing materials for promotion to your club members.
  • Preferred Partner: Gain all Basic Partner benefits plus commission on player registrations and priority access to coach development opportunities.
  • Elite Partner: Enjoy all Preferred Partner benefits along with co-branded marketing opportunities, GPSE merchandise sales rights within your club, and exclusive invitations to GPSE events and camps.

How to Become a GPSE Partner

  • Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated Partnership Team to discuss your club’s needs and explore the most suitable partnership tier for you.
  • Review the Agreement: We’ll provide a clear and transparent partnership agreement outlining benefits, responsibilities, and revenue-sharing details.
  • Join the GPSE Family: Become part of a network of passionate coaches and clubs dedicated to player development and achieving football dreams.


Who Should Partner with GPSE?

Our partnership program is ideal for ambitious football coaches and clubs who are committed to:

  • Providing the best possible training and development opportunities for their players.
  • Creating a positive and rewarding coaching experience.
  • Growing their club’s reputation and attracting new talent.
  • Generating additional revenue to support their club’s goals.


Partner with GPSE and unlock a world of possibilities

Contact us today to learn more and embark on a rewarding partnership journey!