Scouting Network

Are you a scout, coach, or club representative searching for talented footballers to bolster your team?
Look no further than the GPSE Scouting Network! We provide comprehensive scouting services and access to premier events overflowing with potential future stars.

Benefits of the GPSE Scouting Network

  • Extensive Player Database: Gain access to a vast database of talented footballers across various age groups and skill levels. Search by specific criteria to identify players who fit your team’s needs.
  • Detailed Player Profiles: Each player profile contains key information, including playing experience, skills, statistics, and video highlights, allowing for informed scouting decisions.
  • Expert Scouting Services: Our experienced scouting team attends key tournaments and events, providing you with insightful player evaluations and recommendations.
  • Exclusive Scouting Events: Gain access to invitation-only GPSE events designed specifically for scouts and clubs seeking top talent.
  • Global Reach: Scout players from various countries and regions, expanding your talent pool and discovering hidden gems.


GPSE Scouting Events

  • Combines & Tournaments: Identify promising players at our Combines and European Tournaments, where athletes compete in high-intensity settings showcasing their abilities.
  • Academy Showcases: Witness top academy players in action during exclusive showcase events designed to connect talented footballers with clubs and scouts.


Who Should Join the GPSE Scouting Network?

  • Professional Scouts: Unearth future stars for your professional clubs through our extensive database and scouting services.
  • College Coaches: Find exceptional student-athletes for your college programs by utilizing our player profiles and attending GPSE scouting events.
  • Academy Directors: Identify talented players to bolster your academy rosters and cultivate the next generation of football stars.


How to Join the GPSE Scouting Network:

  • Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated Scouting Network team to discuss your specific needs and explore membership options.
  • Review the Agreement: We’ll provide a clear membership agreement outlining access levels, services included, and fees associated with the Scouting Network.
  • Start Scouting! Gain immediate access to our player database, scouting reports, and upcoming scouting event registrations.


The GPSE Scouting Network is your one-stop shop for identifying

 Join us today and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of player recruitment!