About Us

About Us

Your Partner in European Football Development

Global Pro Soccer Exposure (GPSE) is more than just a football development program – we’re your dedicated partner on your journey to European footballing success. Founded by a team of passionate professionals with extensive experience in both the US and European football landscapes, GPSE understands the unique aspirations and challenges faced by American players aiming to compete on the international stage.

Our Mission:

Jim Anotankas CEO

Why Choose GPSE?
Here's what sets GPSE apart:

Unwavering Commitment to Player Development: We’re dedicated to nurturing the talent of each player, fostering technical skill development, tactical awareness, and physical conditioning through a personalized approach. Our UEFA-licensed coaches create customized training programs that address your individual strengths and weaknesses, maximizing your potential for growth.

Unparalleled Network and Partnerships: GPSE boasts a vast network of professional clubs across Europe, offering players unparalleled exposure and potential opportunities. Through our exclusive partnerships with prestigious academies and clubs, we provide a platform for players to be seen by European scouts and potentially take the next step in their professional careers.

Focus on the American Player: We understand the specific needs and goals of American footballers, providing guidance and support throughout their European experience. From pre-departure briefings to cultural immersion assistance, GPSE ensures a smooth transition and a positive learning environment for players venturing overseas.

Beyond the pitch, GPSE prioritizes:

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and vibrant culture of Greece or Cyprus, fostering personal growth and creating unforgettable memories. GPSE goes beyond just training; we believe in providing a holistic experience that broadens your horizons and equips you with valuable life skills.

Safety and Well-being: We provide a secure and supportive environment that allows players to thrive both on and off the field. GPSE prioritizes the safety and well-being of our players, offering comprehensive support services and a secure living environment throughout their program.

Join the GPSE Family and take the first step towards achieving your European footballing dreams!

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The GPSE Team

Passionate Experts Fueling Your Football Journey

At GPSE, we believe in the power of collaboration and expertise. Our dedicated team is comprised of passionate individuals who share a deep love for the game and a unwavering commitment to player development. From experienced coaches and world-class scouts to program specialists and support staff, each member of the GPSE team plays a vital role in fostering a supportive environment where players can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Jim Antonakas

Global Pro Soccer Exposure & Antonakas Sports Management CEO

Aleks Mihailovic

National Coaching Director

Peter Simonini

Regional Coaching Director

Samuel Appiah

Africa Coaching Director

Jake Natola

Regional Coaching Director

Jason Miller

Business Development Manager

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